February: 30 Day Challenge

Happy February!30-day-challenge

Here we go, my first 30 day challenge. I’m ready to get this started. Are you? If you’re joining me try to pick something that doesn’t feel too intimidating, but would also feel rewarding if (when) you accomplish it!

I’ve always wanted to be able to do a split, but never have (like I’ve always been so inflexible that I quit gymnastics because I couldn’t do a split, even at the young and bendy age of 12). I’m not sure I was ever really committed enough, so why not try again now.

I’m going to be following the Blogilates  streches to splits challenge. Here’s a quick recap of what the program has me doing for 30 days.

Day 1-5: Foundation stretches, this means I will do stretches #1-5 EVERY day for those first 5 days. I should hold each stretch for 30 secs-1 min

Day 6-30: Complete stretches #1-5 and then add on one stretch. Example: Day 6, I’ll do stretches #1-5 and #6, Day 7 #1-5 and 7.

Get it? Good!

Feel free to join me on this challenge (it’s always great to have someone to keep you accountable). I’ll check in every few days to let you know how I’m doing and I’d love to hear from you too! Let’s do this!



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